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A Shared Name ☆ A New Place

Hello, dear members of LJ and fans of DNAngel.  I come bearing good news for fanfiction authors and readers alike!  A good friend of mine and I have opened a blog on Tumblr for DNAngel fanfic recommendations.  As this community was created not long before many people migrated from LJ to Tumblr, I felt that the community's namesake could be put to good use, as a callback to those days.  We're dedicated to sorting through the years and years worth of fanfiction and picking out the ones that demonstrate excellent characterization and interesting plots.  We're always looking for new gems to dig up, so please feel free to submit anything you think would fit!

Prompt Request

I’m planning to contribute over at adventchallenge this year and I was looking for anyone that would like to suggest prompts for the required 25 stories. Since DN Angel is one of the fandoms I’d like to try writing this holiday season, I thought I’d post here and see if any community members would like to help me out with the prompts. If you would, just head over to my journal post and suggest away.

[Scans] Yukiru Mania

Yukiru Mania just arrived today, and I thought I should share.  For those who don't know, Yukiru Mania is a special artbook that was included in the April 2009 issue of Asuka Magazine, and includes illustrations from D.N.Angel, Lagoon Engine, and Lagoon Engine Einsatz.

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I also have the (D.N.Angel only) artbook that came with the April 2008 Asuka.  If anyone's interested in seeing that scanned, let me know.

Fanfic: A

Title: Apart Of You
Author: yaoibatman 
Word Count: 2793
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Anal, Slash
Genre: Humor, Romance
Summary: Dark wasn't suppose to feel this way. Not about Daisuke.
Story Status: Complete

Note: I posted this a while a go to a different site, but have recently moved all my fanfiction around so none of those links should work. And I thought this would be a great way to contribute to the community. lol


I'm late on providing this update, but Sugisaki-sensei announced on her blog that this month, Ascribe to Heaven will start to be serialized again. It's a disappointment for those of us waiting for the start of Part 2 of D•N•Angel, but as long as we don't have to wait three years again we should be fine, right?

Moving on, Sensei has a Twitter now, for anyone who's interested.

Another interesting thing is that Areca Catechu, Sugisaki-sensei's old website, had been down for months shortly after the blog site went up. Now, the site is loading again, though it's very different from what it used to be. There's a D•N•Angel section that has a character list. It's an odd mix of some of the characters from both the manga and the anime, which gives me the impression that Sugisaki-sensei might not have been the one to put it together (for example, including anime-only characters (Mio Hio), but leaving out some manga only characters (Saga) and including others (Argentine, Insomnia). There are also some characters that I'm unsure of where they show up, and I'm in the process of re-reading and re-watching the manga and anime respectively to figure it out.
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Icontest [x42]
Ar Tonelico II, Blazblue: Calamity trigger, Clover, Code:Breaker, D.N angel, Disgaea 2, Durarara!!, D.Gray-man, Final fantasy IX, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai, Macross Frontier, Nabari no Ou, Pandora Hearts, Pokemon, Rorouni Kenshin, Starry Sky, Sweet Pool, Shin megami Tensei: Persona 3, Shugo Chara!, Togainu no Chi, Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
D.N angel [x06]
Pandora Hearts [x07]
Shin megami Tensei series [x05]
Togainu no Chi [x08]
Misc [x06]
D.Gray-man, Lamento, Macross Frontier, Sweet Pool


here @ lightsyndrome


Updated Blog

This has a chance of being related to D.N.Angel.  At least, I hope it does.  I am also posting this EVERYWHERE, man.




Starting next month, work on the serialization begins again.
For those who have waited, and for those who have just started, please look forward to it~.
Full details will come later!

What are the chances of this being D.N.Angel? Or of it being one of her other series, or even (as she is wont to do) a completely new one?

[News] 2011.03.14 Blog Update

While not specifically about DNAngel, it's very important news.
I'm sure that many of you have heard about the terrible earthquake/tsunami that has recently occurred in Japan. Sugisaki-sensei is confirmed to be safe, and today she updated her blog with the following entry:




English translation:
The earthquake was amazingly strong.

Every day, I've seen the news about the great extent of the damage. It's shocking.

In any case, I hope that the victims can be rescued quickly, and after that establish safety and restoration for everyone.

The aftershock is still continuing, so please be careful.

(Cross-posted to dnangelfans, sorry if this shows up on your f-list more than once. Also, anyone is welcome to spread this news elsewhere.)
D・N・ANGEL 〜紅の翼〜 || D.N.Angel - Kurenai no Tsubasa
Omake CGs

The previous post has the in-game CGs that relate to the storyline. The images in this post are extras.

(Copied from the other post:>
Since I actually have a proper way to take screencaps now, I'll start posting the CGs. I've left the old post with the ones taken with a digital camera in case anyone still wants those for whatever reason, but the ones in this post are as high quality as possible. The dimensions for each image: 640x448. It would be nice to get really huge versions, but this is the resolution that my emulator captures without distortion/stretching/etc...

Images are sorted by the gallery they are found in. I've also put a "##/##" note next to the title of each gallery, indicating how complete it is.

Lastly, you're free to use these images for icons and such. Credit isn't required, though it would be appreciated. Just don't post it on deviantArt, since that would violate their rules...

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