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♥ A D•N•Angel Community ♥

A community for those who love D.N.Angel
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D.N.Angel Community
Hello and welcome to DNAddiction, an organized community for fans of Yukiru Sugisaki's D.N.Angel. This ongoing manga has been adapted into an anime, a PS2 game, a series of three novels, and various drama CDs that are based on either the manga storyline or the anime.

♥Anyone who loves D.N.Angel is free to join this community. Activity and discussion are encouraged, but not required.

♥Please be sure to read the rules, which are linked in the "Basic Info" section above.

♥This community is currently managed by aki_kaminari. Send her a PM if you have any questions.

♥Want to affiliate with this community? Just PM the mod with a link/banner/etc... that you want displayed and it'll be added to this page. Both LJ communities and off-site pages are welcome. Be sure to add us too. ^_^